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Our Process

RESIDENTIAL DESIGN SERVICES Step 1: Exploratory Call We begin with a call to discuss your project’s scope, timelines, and desired outcomes. We work with a variety of styles, including coastal, contemporary, Japandi, traditional, mid-century, and more. Our goal is to make your home a true reflection of you. Step 2: On-Site Design Consultation Next, we visit your home to get a deeper understanding of your project objectives and aspirations. We survey the space, discuss options that fit your style and budget, and provide transparent fee estimates.  Step 3: Detailed Planning After contract approval, we conduct a comprehensive measurement, review overall aesthetics, materials, and start floor plans. We involve a General Contractor to confirm layout, wall movements, plumbing, and electrical adjustments. Step 4: Product Specification and Procurement We specify and procure products (appliances, cabinetry, finishes, etc.) that fit your budget while maximizing your design’s potential. By the end of this step, we finalize the floor plan and finish approvals. Step 5: Design Implementation Finally, we implement the design by closely collaborating with trusted General Contractors. We walk them through every aspect of your project, providing a detailed project binder containing all necessary paperwork, from floor plans to appliance and plumbing specs, and all drawings, etc. Our constant presence on-site and regular progress meetings ensure your project stays on track, delivering exactly what you envision and on time.

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